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  • Directions


    A) From Alliance- follow Rt 183 (Union Ave) south for approx. 6 miles; we're on SW corner of Rt 153 & Rt 183 intersection.

    B) From Minerva- follow Rt 183 north out of town 8 miles to the flashing light; we're on SW corner of Rt 153 & Rt 183 intersection.

    C) From Louisville- follow Rt 153 (Main St/Louisville St) east out of town 8 miles, go past Pleasant View Golf Course, drop down the hill, to Rt153 & Rt 183 intersection; we're on SW corner.

    There is a large sign at the corner of Rt 183 & Rt 153 pointing in the proper direction

  • After Hours Emergencies

    Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic (SCVEC) 330-452-5116
    Green Animal Medical Service 330-896-4040

  • FAQ

    Q: Do I  hold my own pet?
    A: No, this protects both you and your pet, it also allows the veterinarian to do a more thorough physical exam.

    Q: Do you offer special prices?
    A: Yes, we offer Wellness Plans that give your pet premium care for a reduced fee.

    Q: Do you just do vaccines?
    A: No, you need a clinic that has your pets medical history to correctly treat your pet in case of illness, in short your pet needs a complete healthcare provider.

    Q: How can I pay for this service?
    A: We accept MC, Visa, American Express, cash/check, payment plans when approved through Care Credit, and pet insurance plans are available.

    Q: How much time will the Dr. spend with me and my pet?
    A: Our Dr. will perform a complete physical, explain treatment options and stay long enough to answer all of your questions. Our annual appointments are scheduled for 40 minutes, this will allow the Dr. and staff to adequately discuss your pets complete health care.

    Q: How do you make anesthesia safer for my pet?
    A: We assume all anesthesia has risk. We place an IV for fluids, have heated surgery tables and recovery areas, O2 & blood pressure monitors along with ECG during surgery, but most importantly...we have someone whose only responsibility is to monitor your pet until they have recovered.

    Q: How painful will my pet be after surgery?
    A: This will vary depending on the surgery, but we have a comprehensive pain management program that starts prior to surgery and in many cases goes home with your pet after surgery. Our pain management program is tailored to each patient. One of our primary concerns is to keep you pet comfortable.